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From Guilty Pleasure to Medicinal Measure: Evolving Cannabis Policy in the Philippines

When is a drug “therapeutic” as opposed to “recreational”? The first term connotes an established usage in clinical medicine, while the second implies use for leisure with attendant state intervention in varying degrees across multiple jurisdictions. Cannabis, which is more commonly known as marijuana, has the primary psychoactive ingredient Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); other molecules found in […]

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How much is that doctor in the window?

Commissioner Kim Henares of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has declared, in several press releases on a supposedly forthcoming revenue memorandum, that practicing professionals will soon be required to post the rates of their professional fees in their offices or clinics. It seems from Henares’ pronouncements that this new requirement is intended to address […]

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The Solicitor General in Defense of the Philippines’ RH Law

[Unofficial transcript of the August 6, 2013 speech of the Solicitor General during Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court re: R.A. No. 10354 or the RH Law[1]] Madam Chief Justice, honorable Justices, your honors: the Office of the Solicitor General, on behalf of the House of Representatives, the Senate of the Philippines, and the Executive […]

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