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Preventing Leptospirosis through Doxycycline Prophylaxis

Interim Guidelines on the Prevention of Leptospirosis through the Use of Prophylaxis in Areas affected by F…

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Caterpillar Envenomation: Higad Attack

Studying in the wide-open and heavily planted campus of the University of the Philippines in Diliman during the month of August has with it increased chances of getting intimate with hairy caterpillars also known in Filipino as higad. These little creatures, while part of the life cycle that ends in a butterfly (or moth, depending […]

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Is your Prescription (Rx) Computerized?

With the license to practice medicine comes the responsibility of communicating directions (medical orders) to the appropriate health professionals who participate in the care of a patient. These include but are not limited to other physicians, nurses, midwives, physical & occupational therapists, and pharmacists. In outpatient or office clinic practice, the pharmacist (or pharmacy assistant, […]

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