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Power, Pesos, and Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippine Health Sector

While it is acknowledged that the free market system and its perceived advantages as regards allocative efficiency can never take hold 100 percent due to so-called “market failures” (Morris S. et al. 2012, pp.114-132), Buse K. et al. (2012, p.52) points out that the general anti-state, pro-market trend of the 1980s arose due to allegations […]

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Never Again to Martial Law -An Edralin’s Perspective

On this day of remembering the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines, I usually avoid commenting. “Edralin” being my middle name, I usually get a few puns at the least and backbiting flak at the most. But please indulge me this time. I find that the misplaced reminiscing for an allegedly better Marcos era […]

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Lawyer, Doctor, or Priest?

There may be only three kinds of professionals whose communication with their respective clients are generally privileged under Philippine Rules of Court: the lawyer, the doctor, and the minister or priest. Surely it must not be plain serendipity for our law to accord these three that kind of respect; it must have something to do […]

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