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Medical Informatics: Streamlined Efficiency or Rigid Technology?

(Part 5 of Stateside Healthcare: Art, Science, and Commerce?) Perhaps the most striking of all aspects of US healthcare is the heavy use of information technology. Thus is posed this question: is medical informatics a boon or a bane in clinical practice? As part of the elective rotation, shadowing with a KSC hospitalist-internist was undertaken […]

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To Choose, not just to Consent

(Part 4 of Stateside Healthcare: Art, Science, or Commerce?) Patient awareness of diseases is high in the US. The typical source of information is the internet. This poses an interesting scenario to the physician: on one hand, his/her patient is highly aware of what to report and may later on have a higher compliance rate; […]

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Allied Forces

(Part 3 of Stateside Healthcare: Art, Science, and Commerce?) During observation duty, it was noted that the healthcare system in the US maximizes staff members by getting them to work to the “top of their license”, as was described in an American College of Physicians publication . It is asserted there that “all office staff […]

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