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A Poem on Socialism

Posted on | December 4, 2004 | No Comments

Before someone raises the red flag on me, please read through the entire piece:

by Mila D. Aguilar*

Socialism is like this:
It starts with the people.

Freed from the bonds of poverty,
Following laws becomes

Second nature to them.

Yet aware of their rights

They fight
Without fear, for them.
Coveting not their neighbor’s
House, nor spouse, nor goods,

They feel no need to cheat,
Nor steal, nor kill;

Much less commit adultery
Or false witness ‘gainst their neighbor.

Having learned all these,
They start to honor both

Their father and their mother,
And then remember whence they came:

Resting after six long days of work
To give praise to the Am

Who did all they were, and are,
And will be, they refuse to take

That name in vain or make
A likeness of anything at all

To bow down to or to worship.
Not having any other god

Before their Creator,
They are rewarded with

Rain in its season,
And food in abundance.

And so they live
Securely in their land.

And that is what socialism is,
You see: it starts with the people,

And then ends up
With God.

*taken from her book:
Aguilar, Mila D. Journey: An Autobiography in Verse (1964-1995). Quezon City: UP Press, 1995.

She was one of my professors in Humanities (the other being Dr. A. Labrador) at Diliman, and her perspectives in literature sans the political color of each piece she would bring in class were highly significant in my education as a UP student. In summary, she is what I would think of as a Christian Leftist; That is, if such a point on the political spectrum exists.

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