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Gloria olivae: St. Malachy’s Prophecy

[Originally posted at my old blog last April 20, 2005. Reposted today, Feb 12, one day after Pope Benedict XVI declared that he will be resigning by the end of February 2013.] When I turned on my television set this morning at 7am to tune into CNN for news on the conclave, what greeted me […]

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Obama on Church and State Relations

This video clip of US President Barack Obama discussing in brief Church and State relations becomes very relevant in the prelude to the August 7 vote in the Philippine House of Representatives on whether or not to close the debate (formally known as the Period of Interpellation) on the Reproductive Health/Responsible Parenthood bill. Said Obama: […]

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Woman Attacks Pope

It’s not a good news item for Catholics to learn of this Christmas Day, but yes – Pope Benedict XVI was attacked by a female bystander (Susanna Maiolo, 25) as the pontiff was making his way down the aisle of St. Peter’s Basilica to celebrate Christmas Midnight Mass at the Vatican. The video is below; […]

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