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Cebu Lechon-Style Porchetta

Special Materials/ Equipment: Turbo Broiler Cooking String/Twine Ziplocâ„¢ (or equivalent) bag Mixing bowl Basting/BBQ brush Aluminum foil Wire rack Timetable: Total = ~12.5 hours Brining = ~9 hours Filling and Glazing = 1.5 hours Roasting = 2 hours Serves: 4-6 Ingredients: 1 kg (~4 lbs) whole pork belly, skin-on Brine: 2-3 stalks lemon grass (tanglad) […]

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Hainanese Chicken and Rice (Slow Cooker Method)

Hainanese chicken is a Singaporean dish that is also popular in the Philippines because of its delicate savoury flavour. The idea of rice steamed in the flavourful cooking broth of the chicken itself also makes your average Asian postgrad student easily hungry. Recipes for Hainanese chicken usually involve multi-step and alternating hot-and-cold “shocking” baths for […]

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The Pinoy KFC Double Down

Bless me trainer, for I have sinned. It has been a few weeks since my last Japanese buffet; a few days ago I was feasting at our suki Chinese restaurant. This time however, I may have pushed the limit. Alright, let’s cut the drama. A number of reviews like this one at have been […]

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