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Philippine History in Around Two Minutes

I’ve been away from the Philippines for almost two months now – the longest I’ve ever been abroad. But I am enjoying ‪#‎MyCheveningJourney‬. And because I’m feeling a bit ‪#‎homesick‬ today, I decided to share this primarily for the benefit of my new international friends. Many of you have wondered why I speak as if […]

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The Pinoy KFC Double Down

Bless me trainer, for I have sinned. It has been a few weeks since my last Japanese buffet; a few days ago I was feasting at our suki Chinese restaurant. This time however, I may have pushed the limit. Alright, let’s cut the drama. A number of reviews like this one at have been […]

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Competitive Buffets: Sushi

While waiting for my mom to call me back and fetch her, our caregiver, and my grandmother after the latter’s hemodialysis session in Makati, I along with a College friend met up to supposedly watch Avatar in 3D at SM Mall of Asia’s iMax theater. A call to the box office early in the morning […]

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