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MSc Essays – World Bank Structural Adjustment Programs in the Philippines

Critically assess the World Bank’s impact on public health with reference to structural adjustment. Discuss with reference to a specific country or region. Albert Francis E. Domingo, MD[1] [Also available as a PDF at this link.] Introduction On 14 October 2014, the Philippines’ Finance Secretary heralded news that the country has signed on to a new Third […]

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MSc Essays – Active Purchasing

  “An active approach to purchasing of services is fundamental to achieving efficiency and thereby expanding access to healthcare.” Critically assess this claim with reference to a country or region of your choice. Albert Francis E. Domingo, MD[1] Introduction Health systems will have to be designed, funded, and operated within the strengths and limitations of […]

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Power, Pesos, and Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippine Health Sector

While it is acknowledged that the free market system and its perceived advantages as regards allocative efficiency can never take hold 100 percent due to so-called “market failures” (Morris S. et al. 2012, pp.114-132), Buse K. et al. (2012, p.52) points out that the general anti-state, pro-market trend of the 1980s arose due to allegations […]

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