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Never Again to Martial Law -An Edralin’s Perspective

On this day of remembering the declaration of Martial Law in the Philippines, I usually avoid commenting. “Edralin” being my middle name, I usually get a few puns at the least and backbiting flak at the most. But please indulge me this time. I find that the misplaced reminiscing for an allegedly better Marcos era […]

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Upsilon Month 2010: Momentum

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Marcial Bonifacio – Filipino Hero. Upsilonian.

by Jose A.P. Ampeso* To many Filipinos, Ninoy Aquino’s assassination in August of 1983 was a very tragic incident. The dreadful loss of his life was a supreme sacrifice that spelled the beginning of the end of Ferdinand Marcos’ hedonistic rule, indeed well beyond the bounds of democratic processes. My personal view of Ninoy was […]

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