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Chairpersonship in the USC is a Prototype for Future Governance

Posted on | February 17, 2010 | No Comments

Who to vote for the highest elective position in our national university’s student government is not a choice that is made at a whim; neither should it be based on the perceived “winnability” of a particular candidate, moreso if once he has been stripped of the gift of gab or the pleasantries of crisp clothes and catchy spiels, it shall be seen that he is inexperienced and detached from the realities of student council work.

The University Student Council (USC) is an institution that offers our generation a preview of who shall lead us at the national level around twenty years or so from today. Much like the republic’s Presidency, the Chairpersonship of the USC must be given only to those who have sincerely given their time and effort to truly represent constituents. Student leadership is not a controlled experiment wherein rhetoric can be tested and then discarded if found to be wrong. Every mistake in policy leads to ripple effects that have implications in the daily lives of students. These are the reasons why a track record and experience that is as close as possible to the desired office should be our guideposts in choosing our leaders.

After earning the students’ mandate to become Chairperson of UP Manila’s USC in AY 2005-2006, I realized that the flashy speeches and catchy taglines delivered during the campaign period were not good indicators of how reliable and professional my future colleagues in the council would be. Some who were forceful, fiery, flashy, and entertaining during the room-to-room campaigns later on became timid, disinterested, and even non-participatory members of the USC. On the other hand, there were others whom I initially thought would be liabilities to the organization – on account of their boring, dry, and disengaging speeches. I was wrong to judge those who were not “packaged” well. They turned out to be the silent WORKERS, no different from most students who tend to avoid the limelight but when called upon by duty to serve shall DELIVER.

The closest possible experience and the best work ethics leading to tangible results: these are things that I have learned to look for in choosing who to support, endorse, and eventually VOTE for come Election Day.

MARIO Cerilles, BEVS Lumbera, and their team from UP ALYANSA have, in my opinion, the best possible mix of experience and work ethics necessary to make UP Diliman’s USC operate smoothly. I have seen firsthand how they crafted the projects in their GPOA: they are guided by SMART planning, or choosing to promise only what is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. They are true to their slate’s principle of Kasama ka!, wherein they painstakingly discussed using the SMART framework what would be the best projects, programs, and activities for students. Instead of proclaiming to know what students would want, they went out of their way to consult and actually determine the needs of who they wanted to serve.

I strongly believe that before us is a distinct collective choice of who are best suited to lead us into the next term of the UP Diliman USC. I support and favorably endorse MARIO Cerilles, BEVS Lumbera, and UP ALYANSA’s slate to be that choice.

(SGD) Albert Francis E. Domingo, MD
Freshman, UP College of Law
UP College of Medicine Class of 2008
BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, UP Diliman Class of 2003

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