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Gonzales’ (In)justice for U.P.

Posted on | July 29, 2005 | No Comments

It is appalling that a Justice Secretary’s irresponsible comments towards the University of the Philippines are nothing but hasty generalizations.

On television last night (ANC) was a headline that “DOJ Sec. Gonzales wants review of U.P. Charter”. For an advocate of a strengthened U.P. through a better University Charter, I was surprised on learning that the Justice Secretary has taken a special interest in the Philippines’s national premiere State University. Towards what end, I only found out this morning, when ABS-CBN’s morning news program flashed another headline: “Gonzales: U.P. Training Ground ng mga Kalaban ng Gobyerno”.

Mr. Secretary of Justice, you leave a bad taste in the mouth by lumping together in that big filthy sack of yours the various hearts and minds of the University of the People. Need we U.P. constituents remind you that several of the men and women who have been and may still be in government service are our alumni? Most recently Hilario Davide, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was awarded most outstanding U.P. alumnus for 2005. Ninoy Aquino, whose face appears in the five hundred peso bills in your wallet, is an alumnus of the U.P. National Artists and Scientists who have passed away bequeathing unto our nation the fruits of their brilliant minds must be turning in their graves. They must be crying out to high heavens: Is Raul Gonzales a fellow alumnus? Does he understand the nationalist culture of U.P.?

Perhaps you may have not noticed that while one former U.P. President – Francisco Nemenzo – is calling for an overthrow of government, another one – Jose Abueva – wrote an entire book supporting President Arroyo’s call for Charter Change. Abueva even goes further to propose that Ms. Arroyo should finish her term up to 2010 regardless of a successful move to change our system of government.

For you to vilify the efforts of humble citizens from the U.P. to make this country a better place to live in is a despicable act. In making your statement, did you ever consider the apolitical U.P. medical intern here at the Philippine General Hospital who, in his/her lack of sleep after a 24-hour duty still has to attend to a whole ward of poor patients in the charity wards? Secretary Gonzales, you are mistaken in thinking that U.P. is a training ground for opponents of government.

Please be reminded that government is an institution above everything else and is not limited to a select group of people who, because of their incompetence, may be drawing fire from our University’s community. What U.P. intends is for these people masquerading as honorables to get out of power – of those offices in government which we U.P. constituents are ardently defending from stupidity.

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