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Harry Potter Audiobooks by Jim Dale

Posted on | August 12, 2007 | No Comments

Alright then. Maybe boredom mixed with curiosity and a recently watched Harry Potter movie can drive me to do things such as acquire Jim Dale’s fantastic (say it with a stiff upper lip!) unabridged narrations of J.K. Rowling’s books.

They conveniently fit into my mp3 player, allowing me to spend idle time in our hospital interns’ callroom listening to a wicked (say it like Fred and George Weasley do!) narration of, currently, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Already done reading books one to three now, mind you. And Dale does a fine job of changing his voice to suit the different characters – from the house elves to the Hogwarts teachers.

It’s confirmed. Delayed Harry Potter mania. That bad that I just had to get DVD copies of all the Harry Potter movies – one to four, and now I understand that those productions did away with a lot of the details that Rowling put in her books.

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