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Quality Study Time

Posted on | August 14, 2004 | No Comments

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I should be studying already by now. There’s a Pharma exam coming in on Tuesday, with a Psych exam leading its path come Monday. Not to mention an egg hunt on Thursday (not your Easter variety) in formalinized stool. Yum.

But no! I decided that a few minutes of blogging wouldn’t hurt. Okay. Maybe a few hours? Not more than two? (I keep on finding excuses not to study!)

For the meantime, while I’m still warming up, allow me to introduce you to my pet dog Timmy.

Timmy the Labrador

She shares one-fourth of our house with a pair of lovebirds, a 100-gallon marine aquarium, a 50-gallon Goldfish tank, and a small shallow concrete Goldfish pond.

And since we’re on the topic of pets, let me tell you about my two teddy bear hamsters who are currently¬†rearing a litter of¬†seven pups (hamsterlings?)! It’s quite surprising, because I thought at first that the two were both male. Sex change? Nah. Mistaken sexuality, perhaps.

Now I really have to go study. There are at least 200 pages of text waiting for me.

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