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From Guilty Pleasure to Medicinal Measure: Evolving Cannabis Policy in the Philippines

When is a drug “therapeutic” as opposed to “recreational”? The first term connotes an established usage in clinical medicine, while the second implies use for leisure with attendant state intervention in varying degrees across multiple jurisdictions. Cannabis, which is more commonly known as marijuana, has the primary psychoactive ingredient Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); other molecules found in […]

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My Chevening Journey to Edinburgh

IT WAS DURING one light moment at work that a question popped into my head: what should be the next step in my career path? Almost five years after I graduated from medical school, I found myself neither practicing in a hospital nor running my own clinic. My doctor classmates were already finishing their specialisations […]

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Now a Filipino Chevening Scholar

I will be studying towards a Master of Science degree in Health Systems and Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I applied for a Chevening Scholarship to support my postgraduate study because I know it to be a significant enabler for professional advancement and leadership training at a top-notch university in the […]

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