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Preventing Leptospirosis through Doxycycline Prophylaxis

Interim Guidelines on the Prevention of Leptospirosis through the Use of Prophylaxis in Areas affected by F…

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Is your Prescription (Rx) Computerized?

With the license to practice medicine comes the responsibility of communicating directions (medical orders) to the appropriate health professionals who participate in the care of a patient. These include but are not limited to other physicians, nurses, midwives, physical & occupational therapists, and pharmacists. In outpatient or office clinic practice, the pharmacist (or pharmacy assistant, […]

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This morning I was posted at the PGH Outpatient Department’s Section of Dermatology. From a medical intern’s standpoint, interviewing and examining patients with skin diseases is like a highly intellectual game of show-and-tell: the patient shows you what’s on his/her skin, you tell the resident what the patient has. It would not be worth blogging […]

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