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MSc Essays – World Bank Structural Adjustment Programs in the Philippines

Critically assess the World Bank’s impact on public health with reference to structural adjustment. Discuss with reference to a specific country or region. Albert Francis E. Domingo, MD[1] [Also available as a PDF at this link.] Introduction On 14 October 2014, the Philippines’ Finance Secretary heralded news that the country has signed on to a new Third […]

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MSc Essays – Active Purchasing

  “An active approach to purchasing of services is fundamental to achieving efficiency and thereby expanding access to healthcare.” Critically assess this claim with reference to a country or region of your choice. Albert Francis E. Domingo, MD[1] Introduction Health systems will have to be designed, funded, and operated within the strengths and limitations of […]

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Philippine History in Around Two Minutes

I’ve been away from the Philippines for almost two months now – the longest I’ve ever been abroad. But I am enjoying ‪#‎MyCheveningJourney‬. And because I’m feeling a bit ‪#‎homesick‬ today, I decided to share this primarily for the benefit of my new international friends. Many of you have wondered why I speak as if […]

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