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Reasonable Doubt is like “Tinga”

I agree with my Brod JR Dela Cruz in observing that Lejano v. People (G.R. No. 176389, December 14, 2010) that decided the Vizconde massacre case effectively compared reasonable doubt to detritus in between teeth, better known and appreciated in the vernacular as “tinga”. Said the Court: In our criminal justice system, what is important […]

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How the Law Looks at the History of Health Care

This excerpt from Professional Services v. Agana (G.R. No. 126297) is telling of how Philippine Law (as symbolized by our Supreme Court which decided the case) views the history of health care: Until the mid-nineteenth century, hospitals were generally charitable institutions, providing medical services to the lowest classes of society, without regard for a patient’s […]

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Violence Against Women

There is a rather graphic and outright sickening video (you’ll have to be logged-in at Facebook) of an asian woman being repeatedly assaulted by what appears to be her estranged boyfriend. What’s doubly appalling is that the incident takes place at the curb of a busy street, with other women in the area visibly making […]

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