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Making Martial Law Sexy

If at the start of reading this your eyebrow is already raised at the seeming irreverence of placing the words “Martial Law” and “Sexy” in the same phrase, then I trust that neither shall you find the prevailing situation in Maguindanao, Philippines any more comfortable. The November 23, 2009 gruesome gangland-style mass execution of fifty […]

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Proclamation 1959, void for “typographical error”?

Can a Presidential Proclamation having the force of law be voided on the basis of a typographical error? Thanks to UP Law Dean Marvic Leonen for pointing this out. Based on available internet copies, PGMA, in justifying Proclamation No. 1959 declaring Martial Law in Maguindanao Province, defined rebellion in this whereas clause: WHEREAS, R.A. No. […]

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