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Power, Pesos, and Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippine Health Sector

While it is acknowledged that the free market system and its perceived advantages as regards allocative efficiency can never take hold 100 percent due to so-called “market failures” (Morris S. et al. 2012, pp.114-132), Buse K. et al. (2012, p.52) points out that the general anti-state, pro-market trend of the 1980s arose due to allegations […]

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The Philippine Puzzle of Missing Medicines and Maldistributed Health Workers

Unmet need for healthcare and its derived factors of production such as medicines and labour is not the same as demand for these factors (Dussault G. and M. Vujicic 2008). The combination of a shortage of pharmaceuticals and a surplus of labour on the background of unmet need may be seen in a low middle-income […]

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Desperate Scriptwriter

It was a desperately written script seeking to eke a laugh out of housewives. As pathetic as my attempt to make a literary instrument out of the immediately-preceding sentence in this composition. In a recent Desperate Housewives episode titled “Now You Know”, a segment goes with this script. The scene is that of Teri Hatcher’s […]

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