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The Borg’s Matrix

Posted on | August 24, 2004 | No Comments

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If some of my contemporaries in UP student activism of the early 21st century are to be the future leaders of this country, then we’re bound to live in a Matrix-type of society. There will be agents enforcing ideologies on everyone, seeking out the Neos, Trinitys and Morpheuses around the area who would dare oppose the mind of the collective.

I am so frustrated because of the answer of UP Manila USC Chair Rizzalyn Ramirez in some questions thrown to her in yesterday’s All [Student] Leaders Conference (ALC).

She challenged us members of the UP Medicine Student Council (UP MSC), asking if the UP MSC would refrain from further campaigning for HB 1587 that draws from words of the defunct SB 2587, if the CM students would choose Widem’s version. Without hesitation, we answered Yes, for we are at the mercy of our constituents.

However, when we threw the challenge back to her and posited a scenario wherein UPM students will not support HB 2327 (Widem) and instead root for HB 1587, we asked if the UPM-USC would bow to the will of its constituents.
Her answer? “Pag-iisipan muna namin.

Where is the concept of democratic consultation in that attitude, which is rather ironic because these people are espousing that very principle in HB 2327? Or is their definition of the concept different?

Is the UPM-USC afraid that its constituents might not align themselves with the Widem stand?

To that, Rizza even said that she was “confident” that students would support the Widem bill. And we asked her again, “Say for example in the 1% probability that UPM students will not support Widem, are you going to submit to your constituents?”

Her answer? “Pag-iisipan muna namin.

To aggravate the circumstances, there was a member of the audience who even sided with Rizza, asserting that it does not necessarily mean that when a consultative body such as the ALC comes up with a different stand, that the USC will adopt that stand.

Are these activists the very same ones who rallied for Erap’s ouster in 2001? If so, then did they not use the concept of people power then? And now, when faced with the possibility of people power going against them, they retreat to an ivory tower and insist that their stand shall be followed?

If so, then they are hypocrites.

Please prove me wrong, USC Chair Ramirez. Please prove me wrong.

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