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Time for a Change

Posted on | November 21, 2005 | No Comments

[Reposting this statement from the UPLB-USC.]

We, the UPLB-USC 2005-06, as members of the General Assembly of Student Councils (GASC), uphold true representative democracy. As protocol of the GASC, and any formal meeting for that matter, Parliamentary Procedure is practiced. This is to enable the body to carry the will of the majority, protect the rights of the minority, and protect the interests of those who are absent. Furthermore, it is implemented to provide structure for a fair, orderly, and expedient proceeding.

Crossing their own lines.
We are dismayed with what transpired during the assembly. Protests through noise barrage were tolerated, decorum was not observed even by some council members, and several violations of the Parliamentary Procedures and House Rules were committed during the session.

The presiding officer himself was one of those who committed such violations. At the latter part of the session, he refused to act on several pending motions. He even resorted to adjourning the session without the consent of the body, thus violating Section 1, Number 9 of the ratified GASC House Rules.

“Section 1 – Session
9. The sessions of the meeting shall not be suspended or adjourned except through majority vote of the student councils present.”

This is a clear manifestation of disrespect to the whole assembly! His inability to preside was manifested in his lack of knowledge on parliamentary procedures as he constantly allowed the assembly to educate him on such.

Frustratingly, some student council members added on to the disorder during the GASC by refusing to abide by these universal rules of order and procedure governing the body. We abhor the violations committed by some of the members of the assembly, the observers, and even the secretariat who chose to participate and allow unruly protests while the assembly was still in order.

Some assembly members may claim that the continuation of the GASC at the UP Teacher’s Village, Quezon City is illegitimate. We stay firm on our belief that we strongly upheld the Parliamentary Rules of Law, along with the GASC House Rules, in doing so.

Changes for the Empowerment of All.
A Student Regent is a student-leader. Being a student comes first. That is why, upon being selected as the next Student Regent, he/she is highly recommended to take a Leave of Absence. Its purpose is for him to be able to focus on his being a leader—and not spreading himself too thinly. But before being nominated, there must be a concrete standard or criteria to gauge his capacity to lead and manage his time well.

With regard to the amended voting mechanism of the Student Regent Selection, UPLB-USC 05-06 pushed for a more democratic and representative means of voting. We are for the empowerment of all college councils in the whole UP system.

As for the deletion of KASAMA sa UP from the Codified Rules of the Student Regent Selection, we are for a Student Regent Selection process that is free from political ideologies.

Fight for a competent and impartial Student Regent who will listen, represent, and address the needs of all UP students! Assert and fight for a more democratic and well represented Student Regent Selection.

UPLB-University Student Council 2005-2006

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