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UP MSC Statement on the SR Selection Process

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Here’s a statement from our student council on the brewing issue of the Student Regent (SR) Selection Process as defined in current draft versions of the New UP Charter.

A Provision for Democracy

Democratic governance is best exemplified by an administration that not only hears but listens to the voice of its constituents, in methods so prescribed for that purpose. True leadership is one that seeks to build consensus among differing sectors by ascertaining what the true sentiments of the majority are.

The leadership of the students of the UP College of Medicine has been, with the above guiding principles as part of its decision-making process, seeking to be consistent in its policies. Recently, we have been informed that the outgoing/former UP Student Regent (SR) Marco Dominic Delos Reyes has been using anecdotal reports written by our members in the wrong way – to castigate the decisive leadership of fellow student governors such as those of the UP Diliman University Student Council.
Central to the story being peddled by the SR, for reasons only known to him, is the inclusion of a democratic provision concerning his own office in the long-overdue and much-awaited New UP Charter. The SR is surprisingly against a mechanism that seeks to ask – by a referendum – the will of the UP student body regarding the selection of its representative to the Board of Regents. SR Marco is hell-bent to counter such a move, and to maintain the current SR selection process that is tainted with controversy.

Mr. Delos Reyes does not stop at that, sad to say. In the process of publicly broadcasting his assault against an obviously democratic solution, he has seemingly insinuated that there is discord amongst allies in the fight for a responsive University Charter. He maliciously used an anecdotal report of UP Medicine Student Council (MSC) officer Albert Domingo who, in his excitement over their successful participation in the Senate’s deliberations, innocently gave credit for the MSC’s lobbying for a democratic SR selection to Chairperson Kris Ablan of the UP Diliman University Student Council (UPD USC).

On recent review of the minutes of the Senate Technical Working Group (TWG) hearing, it was clarified that our very own Albert Domingo, acting on behalf of the students of the College of Medicine, was the one who raised the possibility of institutionalizing the General Assembly of Student Councils (GASC) in the SR selection process. Distinguished lawyer Marvic Leonen, speaking for the UP Central Administration, passively suggested instead that a broader, non-specific mechanism via a referendum be considered by the only two student organizations present at the hearing – the MSC and the UPD USC. (SR Marco was absent, and his colleagues from the UP Widem II walked out earlier during the hearing.)

Atty. Leonen left the decision to the student leaders, and emphasized that the administration has no interest in whatever shall be suggested by the students. Seeing the wisdom and clearly democratic basis of a referendum, both the MSC and the UPD USC concurred to the suggestion.

The above was truly a success at democratizing the SR selection process, and on return of Albert Domingo to the MSC, the members saw nothing wrong with the maneuver. In the writing of his own report, Domingo gave credit supposedly due him to Ablan, a matter that is now settled once and for all by the Senate documents themselves.

What are left to be brought to light now are the puzzling motives behind the letter that former SR Marco released, exposing the author’s undemocratic and authoritarian way of handling things.

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